Test Time Calculation

How daily test time is calculated

All of the routines within a project share a pool of test time.

For a given day, allocated test time is calculated as:

allocatedTestTime = timeoutSec X runs-per-day

  • runs-per-day is derived from the routine interval

  • timeoutSec and interval are configured in the routine.json

Test time is billed by how it is allocated based on timeout and interval, NOT based on how long a given test takes to complete.

If you configure a routine for 10 seconds of timeout and run it every minute, but it only takes 2 seconds to complete, you will still be billed for 10 seconds X the interval.

During execution, once the timeout for a specific routine is reached, the test is immediately aborted.

The results of the completed tests (before the timeout occured) are still collected and recorded, but the test is marked as TIMEOUT and a notification is sent.

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