A project is the highest-level collection of entities in

It has a plan attached to it that defines the maximum number of routines that can be added within a project, and the maximum total test time available for all of those routines to run.

You can also invite team members to a project, so they can modify, push, or remove routines.


A routine is a collection of files and tests (written for Mocha), that is executed on the interval specified in the routine.json file within the .asserted directory of a given repo.


Test records are the individual recorded results for a given test run. They can be viewed in the UI at or using the CLI command asrtd records.

Timeline and Timeline Events

The aggregated history of the changes in routine status (from DOWN to UP, etc) are captured in the timeline and a collection of all the records of a specific state are called a timeline event. This can be viewed as History within the UI for a given routine, or by running asrtd timeline with the CLI.

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